Vragen en informatie i.v.m. financien belastingen en verzekeringen in Israel

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Postby martin » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:24 pm


Heeft iemand ervaring met het aflsuiten van hypotheken hier in Israel?
Welke bank is ok, wat te doen en wat niet te doen.
Alle tips welkom!

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Postby admin » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:57 pm

Hoi Martin kijk ook even op deze thread:

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Postby admin » Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:11 pm

Uit newinisrael: http://newinisrael.com/viewtopic.php?t=1205

So you have found that apartment or house of your dreams. Be ready for the most frustrating, the most humiliating experience of your life. Getting the mashkanta in Israel.

1. Save the broker fees which can be up to 2%. Do your own looking in www.homeless.co.il or other means. Don't pay real estate commissions!

2.Now, you have made an offer after haggling.

3. Find a lawyer, who typically will charge from half to 2 percent of the purchase price. Get one who is fluent in your native language. Mine is an arrogant 30 year old young enough to be my son with terrible English. He represented me well, but he was rude and condescending at times and I will never recommend him.

4. They do not have a closing or settlement at the end like in other countries. At the signing of the contract, the ownership * to the buyer in theory. The signing can take a couple hours of arguing between the two lawyers, who have to show that are earning their fees.

5. If there are any judgements or liens against the property, the buyer must settle them, and that is deducted from the purchase price of course. In my case I transferred this sum to the seller's attorney, who placed those funds in escrow.

6. In the meantime, go to like 5 or 6 banks and make them compete with each other for the best possible rates. Like an idiot I did not bargain, and I got 4.89 over 25 years.

6A. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT act like you will go with the bank you are visiting while you are comparing rates. One of the banks I went to applied for the for the oleh chadash special rate for 62,400 sheks,as explained in point 8 below, and got the ., which costs 60 shekels. My banker where I finally chose to get the mortgage had to give me a paper to shlep to that bank to ransom that . and bring it to her!

7. You will need to go to the Misrad Hapanim and get the teudat zachranot if you are an oleh chadash, and give this . to your lawyer, who can get you a tax break of about 50%. This tax is levied on any apartment purchase. The lawyer gets the bill back, you pick it up, and pay it at your bank. Do not try to pay it at the post office, because it cannot be paid there. I tried.

8. The bank will need to see your teudat oleh in order to get you the 62,400 sheks at 4.00% and they finance the rest at the rate you finally settle with them.

9. Be ready to show your *, your maskorts (pay stubs), US income tax returns, IRA and 401 K statements. They want to know your entire financial position.

10. If you are single and are an older person, be ready to be asked to put a lot of money down, because they are concerned about your ability to pay after you are retired. They do not know that you will receive a certain amount of government pension from your country or not. Betuach Leumi, the government pension here, is like 1200 sheks and is not enough to feed the dog.

10 A In my case I ended up paying a whopping 60% down in order to qualify and to avoid mortgage insurance (EMI). In the US this can be avoided by putting 20% down, and with 25% one can get a mortgage with no proof of income usually.

11. The bank will give you a random list of 3 appraisers the visit which you must coordinate with the appraiser, the seller, and if the apartment is rented out, the seller must also coordinate with their tenant.

11A. The appraisal will rarely reach the purchase price of the dwelling, so this can affect many things. Argue with the appraiser and ask your mortgage banker to do the same. My $200,000 apartment first appraised at $160,000 and I flipped out. The appraiser raised it to $170,000 and then my banker got him to relent and value it at $180,000.

12. One of the last steps is when your banker gives you some . to be notarized and return to him/her.

Here in Israel where we earn lower salaries generally, I would highly recommend to put down as much as you can, to keep your monthly payment low. There are many terms and conditions regarding cost of living indexes. You must do your homework!

Good luck. I have bought and sold properties in the US about 7 times. It is always a stressful process, but here in Israel there should be self-help groups or group therapies for this. It is a traumatic experience, but I am very excited about my new apartment! I move in February 1.

Best of luck to all!
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Postby Suzanne » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:10 am

Veel succes, het is een slopende bezigheid. Mijn man zal je adviseren om een dikke twee weken vrij te nemen en je nergens anders mee bezig te houden dan met je hypotheek; het betaald zichzelf terug als je je goed kunt concentreren !

Bereid je voor op uuuuuren wachten bij de bank dus neem je kannetje koffie en je broodje maar vast mee :) Laat je goed voorlichten bij verschillende banken en leg de voorstellen naast elkaar, laat ze desnoods narekenen door iemand die er meer verstand van heeft (in ons geval; iedereen).

Wees onbeschoft en eis altijd met de manager te praten over je rentes, dat werkt!

Laat je geen EMI insurance aanpraten; beter een lening nemen van iemand dan dat je levenslang aan een verzekering vastzit!

Na het verkrijgen van de teudat zehut was dit het meest traumatische in Israel. Wat een papierwerk! Mijn geluk was dat ik net een baby had dus mijn man heeft het meeste gedaan :)

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