Rafael signs USD 40 million deal with Dutch army

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Rafael signs USD 40 million deal with Dutch army

Postby Kachol Lavan » Mon Nov 13, 2006 2:18 pm

Israeli Armament Development Authority to equip Dutch fighter jets with targeting pods developed in cooperation with IS company Northrop Grumman

The Rafael Armament Development Authority has signed a deal with the Dutch government, according to which the Israeli company will equip Dutch Air 20 F-16s Dutch Air force fighter jets with systems developed by Rafael, and US company Northrop Grumman.

The deal is estimated to be worth around USD 40 million.

The systems include the 'Litening'-type attack and photograph system, and support equipment for operating pods by ground and air crews.

The pod is equipped with detection equipment for the identification and automatic monitoring and attack of targets through guidance lasers and a GPS system.

Northrop and Rafael will begin equipping the filming pods in 2007, with an aim of completing the project in 2008.

"This is an important deal which strengthens the stance of the Litening Airborne Targeting Pod as the leading attack and navigation pod in the world," said Haim Yakobovitz, manager of the electro-optical branch at Rafael.

"The Litening joins the Rafael's targeting pod which was also purchased a number of months ago by the Dutch Air Force," he added.

700 Rafael strike pods are currently in use in the air forces of the US, Australia, Hungary, Germany, and the Eurofighter plane.

A week ago, Rafael received a certificate of recognition from the United States for its contribution to the American army, especially its Iraq operations.

The certificate said that despite the war in Lebanon, Rafael continued to supply the American army with essential products such as protection for armored vehicles, and Simon-type break-in tools.
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